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Welcome to my popular award-winning books for young children about the adventures of Fred the snake and his friends….and the blog ramblings of a proud dad and retired doctor.

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Goodbye Medicine. Saluting some mentors.

By Peter Cotton | January 4, 2024

So, as of Jan 1st 2024, I am finally retired, exactly 60 years from graduating, 50 years after starting specialist practice at The Middlesex Hospital in London, 37 years after leaving England to work at Duke University in North Carolina, and after 30 years at the Medical University in Charleston. It will not be a […]


Winner of the Moonbeam Children's book awards for the best picture book series


Winner of THREE Mom’s Choice Gold Awards

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Welcome to the adventures of Fred the Snake. You’ll travel the world with Fred and his family, Jungle Jim, and a whole animal menagerie as they have fun, make new friends, and enjoy a variety of mishaps.

His book is spot-on for children. Even parents will enjoy the adventures of Fred as they read the story to their children. Young readers will love and be mesmerized by the fantastic artwork by Bonnie Lemaire. Peter’s excellent writing makes the sights and sounds of Charleston come alive. This book is a must-read and hopefully will inspire readers to visit one of America’s greatest historical treasures.

Daniel D Staats
Readers Favorite

When Fred the Snake and Friends Explore USA-East by Peter Cotton is an adorable children’s book, with colorful, amusing, and lovely illustrations by Bonnie Lemaire. They combine perfectly with the rhyming text. To top it all, the content is as entertaining as it is knowledgeable. Improving one’s knowledge of the country is a fabulous opportunity and that is probably what makes this book so special. I appreciated everything about it and could not recommend it more highly.

Tammy Ruggles
Readers Favorite

Peter Cotton's When Fred the Snake and Friends Go the Beach is illustrated by Bonnie Lemaire, and what a great job she has done. Every page is filled with a plethora of animals, friends, and activities. The thing that I like best about this story is the way that all the different animals and people are friends with each other. I do recommend this book as a colorful, brilliant story that will introduce children to its subtle message of harmony and its endless visual experience of fun, laughter, and friendship.

Kathy Golden
Readers Favorite

I loved reading When Fred the Snake and Friends Explore USA-East because of the cute animal characters. Peter Cotton is a creative writer, and he illustrates this perfectly. Fred the snake and his animal friends are all colorful, adventurous, and appealing creatures. Bonnie Lemaire did a great job with the illustrations. The book is perfect for children because it teaches them geography and important national sites. Have fun reading this tale with your kids today. 

Doreen Chombu
Readers Favorite

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