Hello, I’m author Peter Cotton.

I grew up in England, became a doctor in 1963, and specialized in stomach problems and stuff. My particular focus has been the use of flexible instruments called endoscopes that allow doctors to look deep inside the stomach and guts (yuck). The endoscopes look a little like snakes. Maybe that’s why I chose to write about Fred.

I moved to America in 1986 to become a Professor at Duke University and then to the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston. I have given lectures in more than 50 countries and wrote a book about the adventures “The tunnel at the end of the light; my endoscopic journey in six decades”.

Now I am lucky enough to be living with my wife Marion on lovely Dewees island near Charleston, dreaming up new Fred stories.  Let’s keep in touch.

WELCOME! I’m Bonnie Lemaire. I began my career as a freelance illustrator with a promotional post card in 1989. I am a graduate of Ontario College of Art’s communication and design program. My first position as artist/designer was with Ganz and Brothers Canada. It was a valuable experience, catapulting me into a successful freelance career. I’ve seen my work utilized in many different projects, including home décor, giftware, sticker and toy design and children’s books.

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