My eight books about Fred the friendly snake were primarily intended to amuse my grandchildren, and all children ages 3-8, but they also have some educational content, which has been acknowledged in several awards. The first “When Fred the Snake got Squished and Mended” was written to emphasize how (not) to cross the road, and that hospitals are good places, not too scary. In other stories we learn how to be helpful at school, which mushrooms (and waterfalls) are dangerous when camping and be sure to respect currents when swimming at the beach. My latest, seventh, book “When Fred the Snake and Friends explore USA-East” has Jungle Jim flying Jack, Perdy, Fred and friends around famous places in the Eastern States, starting with our capital, Washington, DC. The eighth book has them exploring USA-Central (where Fred and Bernadette get married in Las Vegas!) and will soon be off to California, Alaska and Hawaii

I also enjoy reading my books to groups, either in person, or on zoom

Peter Cotton (not named after a rabbit)