Fred book 7 is in the works! Exploring USA

I have just sent Bonnie the text for the next Fred book, to start work on her wonderful illustrations.

It is to be called “When Fred the Snake and Friends explore USA-East” the first of a trilogy about the majestic sights of USA.

Here is the first place they visit, Washington, DC.

Past the Monuments and Mall, Jim landed gently by The Wall,

the memorial for all those felled, in Vietnam. Each name is spelled.

There’s the Capitol, behind those doors, our leaders sit to make the laws.

Check the White House resident, our commander and our president.

Wouldn’t it be a lot of fun, to ride with her on Air Force One?

The museums are a must, and free, with so many things to see

Like moon rocks? You can see ‘em, in the Air and Space museum.

The visit could go on and on, to Arlington and the Pentagon,

but they must leave, no need for pity, the next stop is New York City!


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    1. Good pick Brian. By the time the new book reaches the best seller list, I think we may have a lady President….

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