Thank you Bonnie Lemaire

Fred book 8 “When fred the Snake and friends explore USA-Central” will be available very soon.

Sneak peak at the cover

I’d like to give a loud shout-out to Bonnie, our fabulous illustrator, without whom Fred would never have come to life.

My text of the original bedtime story for my kids about how (not) to cross the road had lain idle in a drawer for over 40 years waiting for an illustrator, before I happened onto Bonnie’s web site, I LOVED her style and we have cranked through 8 books together.

Bonnie lives and works in Canada, somewhere north of Toronto, and we did not meet until we planned the 4th book about Fred and friends exploring the city of Charleston, where I live (well, nearby). I invited her down and she came with her husband and son Zaxel. Bonnie’s hair somehow changes color frequently.

This was in her purple phase.                                                                                                 It was different last week



Her characterizations of iconic Charleston sites were/are terrific.

Bonnie’s husband, Rob Westall, is also an accomplished artist, specializing in characterizations. He kindly gave one of me after their visit (with Fred) to Dewees Island where I live. Thanks much, Rob



This is from a recent bio

Bonnie Lemaire began her career as a freelance illustrator with a promotional post card in 1989. She is a  graduate of Ontario College of Art’s Communication and Design program, specializing in medical illustration.

Her first position as artist/designer was with Ganz and Brothers Canada, designing figurines and teddy bears! It was a valuable experience, catapulting her into a successful freelance career.  She has seen her work utilized in many different projects, including home décor, giftware, stickers, toy design and children’s books and finally..FABRIC! Her eternal optimism is the foundation of every drawing. Silliness and quirky behavior of those around her are a constant inspiration. Comical and curious characters and creatures come alive and dance on her pages.

Bonnie works in her home studio located in a small Hamlet in Northern Ontario, Canada. Surrounded by her loving family and furry friend Crowquill the studio cat.

Books she has illustrated have won many awards including; Foreword Clarion 5-Star-Seal, NIEAseal-2014-Winner, and New Pinnacle Award. Bonnie’s eccentric creations within fantastical stories have brought smiles to small faces and delight to her readers all over the world. She continues to enjoy her work, drawing and painting while listening to crime and mystery audio books, Studio Gibli soundtracks and endless reruns of the original Star Trek.

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