FIVE stars for Fred book #8!

When Fred the Snake and Friends explore USA -Central

Reviewed by: Pikasho Dekafor Readers Favorite, April 2023. 5 Stars

There is nothing more joyous in life than traveling to places you’ve never been before and exploring them with your friends. So hop on for an exciting adventure across America in When Fred the Snake and Friends Explore USA-Central. Written by Peter Cotton with colorful illustrations by Bonnie Lemaire, the story follows Fred, an adventure-loving snake who loves traveling with his friends. Join Fred and his friends as they visit the rodeo in Texas, ride to Mount Rushmore on bicycles with motors to see the former US presidents, and are forced to take shelter during a storm, pan for gold in Durango, fly over the Grand Canyon in Utah in a helicopter, take a trip to Apache Nation, and see a circus show in Las Vegas, Nevada, where Fred and Bernadette finally get married.

Traveling to other places makes you appreciate the different cultures and customs and gives you a taste of exotic locales with wildly varied climates and topography. Explore America in all its glory, from the rodeos of Dallas to the glitz and dazzle of Las Vegas in this absorbing picture book that makes you want to pack your bags and leave for your favorite holiday destination. When Fred the Snake and Friends Explore USA-Central is a children’s adventure that even adults can enjoy. Peter Cotton’s rhyming verses, combined with Bonnie Lemaire’s vibrant illustrations, make the story all the more engaging and entertaining. A must-read for all the adventure lovers out there.


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