2023 goes out with a bang, literally

What bang? All will be explained, but before that…..

We were comfy in our home on Dewees island expecting a wet and windy Sunday Dec 17, but it turned into a hurricane size event, with about 8 ins of rain. That and high tide raised the ground water level 39 ins, and 23 ins above our under house decking. The house itself is on on stilts so unaffected.


Our newly refurbished driveway disappeared completely. Photos taken from much the same place. 

Happily it did not float away, but things under the house didn’t do so well. We lost all 3 golf carts, our sewage disposal system and the elevator. If that wasn’t enough, our parking lot on Isle of Palms flooded big time, so we lost my faithful Prius and Marion’s Lexus. Happily all of these losses were insured.

The Prius was quickly replaced with a similarly looking Chevy Bolt electric car (fun!)


but the Lexus story has another twist and indeed a bang. We bought a replacement Lexus. Less than one hour later the sun roof exploded literally. Huge bang, like a gunshot, very scary for Marion

We were amazed to learn from Mr Google that this happens, albeit rarely.

So we returned the car and went home for a drink

And yesterday I tested positive for COVID. Happily mild so far

Life’s rich tapestry frayed, but will mend.

Happier New Year!


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