Lecture at St Thomas’s June 3rd

ooops, postponed

Just in case anyone may be interested, I will be giving a talk for a Cancer Charity at St Thomas’s Hosptal in London at 6 pm on June 3rd. It will be a tour through my 50 years of GI endoscopy.

This is the invitation

The evening is in support of the Pelican Cancer Foundation general objectives to improve the surgical treatment of below the belt cancers. The name derives from pelvic and liver cancer. The event has been organised by MRSL Enterprise, a leading arranger of medical indemnity, which has been supporting Pelican Cancer Foundation as its Charity of the Year since October 2018.

Professor Peter Cotton has kindly agreed to give a lecture entitled “The tunnel at the end of the light” which is also the title of his most recent book on his lifetime of pioneering work in medicine.

The timetable for the evening is:

18:00    Guests arrive at the Shepherd Hall, St. Thomas’ Hospital

18:40    Welcome by Baron Ribeiro

18:45    Introduction by Mary Edwards, Chair of Trustees of Pelican Cancer Foundation

19:00    Prof. Cotton presentation

19:50    Q&A

20:00    Thanks by James McBain, CEO Pelican Cancer Foundation

20:05    Canapés and beverages served and informal networking

21:15    Carriages

Please could you confirm your attendance by Friday 3rd April to Christopher Cloke Browne at ProfCottonEvent2020@mrslenterprise.com

Yours sincerely,

Christopher Cloke Browne, PhD


MRSL Enterprise

Professor Peter Cotton

Professor Cotton was born in the UK and educated at Cambridge University and St. Thomas’ Hospital Medical School. He became interested in endoscopy in the late 1960s with the introduction of flexible fiberscopes, and developed endoscopy units at St. Thomas’ Hospital and at the Middlesex Hospital, which pioneered and evaluated many diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, particularly endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP). In 1986, he left England to become Professor of Medicine and Chief of Endoscopy at Duke University, Durham, North Carolina. He developed a state of the art endoscopy centre there while also maintaining his interests in teaching, new techniques, and careful outcome evaluation. He moved to Charleston, South Carolina in 1994 to initiate and lead a Digestive Disease Center at the Medical University of South Carolina, dedicated to multi-disciplinary patient care, and the research and education needed to enhance it. Professor Cotton’s bibliography includes over 900 publications, with more than 300 original contributions in peer reviewed journals, and 10 books

Pelican Cancer Foundation

Is based in Basingstoke and works to improve the survival and quality of life of bowel, and urological cancer patients through research and training.  They have a particular interest in advances in precision surgery and a strong track record of working with multidisciplinary clinicians across Great Britain and Ireland to embed changes in clinical practice. The charity’s research activities seed fund studies to make cancer treatment more precise and help patients to live well for longer.

Pelican Cancer Foundation is currently running its fourth and fifth national development programmes for colorectal and urology multi-disciplinary teams.  These workshops are free for senior clinicians across all NHS trusts in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales and have received excellent feedback:

 ‘Thank you and your organisation for an excellent study-day and interaction in Sale, Manchester.  I learnt a lot from colleagues with first-hand experience.  Very grateful for a well-spent day’ quote from Ms Ling Lee, Consultant Urologist at Queen’s Hospital Burton.

These programmes and the other work of Pelican Cancer Foundation are only possible thanks to the generous support of industry and supporters.

MRSL Enterprise

Believes that healthcare professionals are driven by a desire to heal their fellow humans. No healthcare professional sets out to harm their patients. Adverse outcomes do occur in which case the best interest of all need to be considered – including the professional. MRSL Enterprise works with surgeons and healthcare professionals to ensure that they have a robust, defensible practice and to defend this against complaints and claims. Our Healthcare Professional Protection is a full package of services and indemnity to underpin the long standing career of thought leading surgeons.

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