Fred book 7 gets a 5 star review!!

Reviewed by Marie-Hélène Fasquel for Readers’ Favorite

When Fred the Snake and Friends Explore USA-East by Peter Cotton is an adorable children’s book, with colorful, amusing, and lovely illustrations by Bonnie Lemaire. They combine perfectly with the rhyming text. To top it all, the content is as entertaining as it is knowledgeable. It allows the young reader to learn so much about the beautiful eastern USA. As a mother and a teacher, I adore the concept of having delightful animals going on an adventure during the school holidays. What could be more appealing?

When Fred the Snake and Friends Explore USA-East by Peter Cotton is a wonderful children’s book that parents, teachers, and kids alike will enjoy. It is fun, engaging, and interesting and it teaches the reader so much about the geography of the United States. It includes such amazing places as Charleston, California, Washington D.C., and monuments such as the Capitol. This lovely story is packed with information and references to events such as the war in Vietnam. It is, above all, an adventure.

Improving one’s knowledge of the country is a fabulous opportunity and that is probably what makes this book so special.

I appreciated everything about it and could not recommend it more highly.

If you are concerned about some children’s lack of enthusiasm for culture, then this book is the perfect answer. We need to make culture great again and that is exactly what the author and illustrator have done. Thank you for being so inspiring!


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